Posted by: krisinhawaii | April 18, 2008

We made it!

Chris & I are here in Knightsbridge and have survived the long, long journey from Kona Hawaii to England. We got on by standingby on the earlier Heathrow flight, saving us hours and hours of time. We had a really nice seat mate for the Heathrow leg. He was from Saudi Arabia, very helpful and offered to let Chris have the window seat. He is the dean of a business school in Saudi Arabia, and was just returning from a conference In Honolulu. fact, he told us that Osama Bin Laden was once his friend, and that he used to be a kind and caring person, but lost his head when he turned to fundamentalist Islam. I asked him if he thought he was still alive, and he said yes, because all the families know each other and the family would have made a big ceremonial funeral upon his death.

Whoever thought a 747 was a great plane? It’s such a cattle car, and this flight was completely full. The meal service on the flight was great, we ate every last bite. I had to laugh when Christopher asked the flight attendant for a “half/caff coffee with lite foam and four sugars.” They laughed at that. Who did he think they were, Starbucks baristas? In fact everyone who encounters Chris thinks he is so cute and he manages to charm everyone. Dunno why! Customs took about an hour and then we consolidated our luggage, Chris was a champ and helped me up and down the Underground escalators with the bags…thenwe jumped on the Underground itself…the Piccadilly line, for the straight shot to South Kensington. Relatively fast, easy and cheap. I would never take a cab into town again. Chris–a complete trooper the whole way–was finally starting give out during the last few steps to Ennismore, rolling luggage through town to the mews house. South Kensington station always gets me turned around, and I am going to take Knightsbridge from now on!

We had a nap of about five hours….but not before Chris INSISTED  on  exchanging his money NOW, so we walked out to do that. He couldn’t wait to spend it at the local Sainsburys and bought chips (crisps) and Yorkshire tea. The sad thing is, Sainsburys is cheap in comparison to Hawaii!  Great dairy, cheap milk.. I have to mix my own half and half… We were so sleep deprived and loopy and low functioning by then that I tripped over the cobblestones near here and fell hard on both knees! What a sight that must have been. And I ripped open the same wound that I had originally from the canoe crash and reef scrap some weeks back. Just when it had healed! It is cold here and we definitely needed all the warm clothes we could layer on.

Phyllis made us a fantastic dinner (roast chicken, roasted beets, potatoes and fresh baby greens)…and Chris and I tried to get on the computer… We got the wireless router I brought working for a brief time, before I realized it was not rated for 220 and fizzled out. Bummer! So now we are both hard wired.

Chris has already switched from coffee to tea. He’s getting into the swing of things quickly.

See the full album of the first day and a half here.

UK4.08–Day0 & 1 4/18/08 8:59 AM


  1. Trust you to sit next to someone who was friends with Osama Bin Laden. Will they let you back into Hawaii as a result ???

    How much is dairy in Hawaii? I spose you don’t have many cows over there.

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