Posted by: krisinhawaii | April 19, 2008

Our Saturday.

Chris & I woke up late (9:30) and waited to hear from my 7th grade friend Eroica who had planned to come from Norfolk to spend the day with us. We didn’t hear, and didn’t hear, butmore on that later…

Here is Chris about to step in front of the bus.. I keep reminding him to read the Crosswalk: LOOK LEFT!”

We decided to head to Harrods to buy the stuffed pet that Chris wanted and then over to Covent Garden to look for the London Transport Museum. First, however, Chris was rather offput that I made him climb 193 stairs in the CG Tube Station. What a mob scene there was! Maybe because the Circle and District lines were closed for repairs all day, which overloaded the Piccadilly. And there were so many crowds on the sidewalks at Covent Garden, you could barely see where you were going! So Annie Mole will have to tell us exactly where to look….. I realize without someone in the know showing me around, I’m a bit lost. And here I thought I was a London insider! Not. I also was fairly scattered…leaving my umbrella on the Tube… and almost my hat! I thought for a second a guy was groping me, but he actually was trying to give me my hat before I left THAT on the train too.

Much to Chris’s dismay, we also stopped in Marks and Sparks… where I had to stop for knickers. Mind you, I wouldn’t be talking about this online other than to say they make THE BEST cotton panties in the world and I simply cannot wear any other variety, so when I come to London I have to stock up…100% cotton..and just my size! From thongs to granny panties, they have them all. I also picked up a package for Shirley back in Hawaii. How can you go wrong with 5 pairs for £5!?? Well made and all cotton. Well enough about that. Chris is horrified that I’m posting a photo of my new knickers, but c’mon, they are still in the packages, so who CARES!? I spent £33 on knickers. If you want to see the photo, however, you’ll have to look through the entire Picassa album posted below. 🙂

Chris is catching on with the culture here, telling me: “I’d fancy a ride on the Tube to Cockfosters right now please. But before that I’d have a cup of Yorkshire tea. ” We got back to Knightsbridge, ate Cornish pastry for lunch (OK, it was a frozen/microwave one) and then headed back to Exhibition Road, where we checked out the Imperial College of London campus…. walked on to Hyde Park… where it was cold, foggy, rainy and —did I mention, COLD?

Chris was also dismayed when he saw that they exchanged currency at M&S for $2.02 (money changer conveniently located in lingerie section of store) when he had just the day before, received $2.14 at Barclays. He was actually trying to talk me into letting him give his money back at M&S, exchange for dollars and then back again for the lower rate. Tried to explain that that wouldn’t make sense at all and might cost him more money…At least he is getting practice in math with all the conversions, and by the way, ALL the conversions around here, from money to weather, are really bad news. What the heck, it’s all crappy…the dollar is in the bloody toilet around the world. Speaking of “Toilets,” Chris thinks it is hilarious that all over the place there are signs reading public ‘TOILETS,” when he is used to reading the much more polite, stateside “RESTROOMS.”

We’ll see Eroica on Monday… meeting her at the Embarkment; she said maybe we’d go to the National Gallery, and drop in here and there. Tomorrow we’re meeting Annie Mole for an Art Deco Tube Event. While riding the trains today, I was trying to keep my eyes open for Tube Fashion Victims, since on most Fridays she publishes some of her best finds. I was hoping I might aid her in shooting some surrepitious snaps of Tube riders with questionable fashion sense, or none at all. I don’t know how she does this without getting folks’ attention, everyone is so crammed in together! On her blog she posts some of the most hilarious photos and along with her cleverly written captions (“Why kill a vampy look with a cartoony bag?”). I have seen the most impossibly fashionable ladies here. I really look like I am from the sticks in comparison.

We’ve been complimented on how well we have adjusted to jet leg… but I think it is always the case on the outbound journey; coming home you are not so eager to get back in the swim of things…. even though we are coming home to Hawaii… one week from tomorrow!!

CoventGdn/etc.4/19/08 6:36 PM


  1. Last night I dreamt I was overseas. Thanks for vicariously taking me on vacation again 🙂

  2. Technically it’s “Doctor Who”, and not “Dr.”. Do i win a pedantic point for that?

  3. Covent Garden’s always like that. The tube museum is on the plaza, towards the left if you enter from the tube station.

    And I didn’t get any credit for pointing out that Doctor Who is actually shot in Cardiff, so no, Geoff, you don’t.

    Jetlag should be worse going East like you did, rather than going West. I would have expected it to kick in by now.

  4. ian:

    I am convincing my mum to go to cardiff, its not working.


    We know its “Doctor”, we like to shorten it.

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