Posted by: krisinhawaii | April 22, 2008

London Day Tripping with Eroica

Eroica, my dear friend and classmate from junior high days in Africa came down from her home in Norfolk to stay with her brother Henry (who I haven’t seen since he was three years old!) in Leyton, so that she could visit us! We had a great day. We met her at Embankment, and she had a little route mapped out for us… we first crossed the Millennium bridge then walked over to the Tate Modern… which once housed an old power turbine and is now a modern art museum. We went to the restaurant at the top for some tea, chips and salad (wine for Eroica and me)… then kept walking, ending up in St. Paul’s Square, where we peeked in the catherdral, then on to Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery, (where Eroica suggested the Impressionist hall because English painters can be so ‘mukry’ and muddy, can’t they?’) Covent Garden, Chinatown, the West End, Piccadilly Circus…then ending up at the gorgeous Criterion, a swanky place where we had wine and gawked around at the stunning surroundings. Back at Phyllis’s in KNightsbridge we got home just in time for dinner….roast leg of lamb, fresh butternut squash and the best salad. Oh and ice cream! What a great day…and Chris hung in there all day… we must have walked at least four or five miles, if not further.

See two photo galleries in two parts:

Day in Town with Eroica..Part 1. 4/20/08 12:40 PM
Day in Town with Eroica..Part 2 4/20/08 12:40 PM

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