Posted by: krisinhawaii | April 22, 2008


By the time we got to the Tower of Lndon this afternoon, Christopher had become an excellent official Tube routemaster. The tour that the wardens give is so entertaining; yes a bit schmaltzy, but I highly recommend it. The Crown Jewels are also intense…Last time I was here, I did get a quick unsanctioned snapshot of one of the crowns but did not want to take the chance today. After a walk across the Tower Bridge, we found at great pub, w/ delicious fish and chips. Afterwards Chris was in the mood to ride around on the Tube… so we went up to Canary Wharf, a financial district, where there were legions of gorgeous Englishmen in business suits; I must confess my jaw was dropping! Sorry my writing is so uninspired, I’m completely beat every night that I sit down to write! At least, let the photos tell the story…

Tower 4/22/08 9:51 PM


  1. Sigh, looks like a fabulous time.

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