Posted by: krisinhawaii | April 23, 2008

Visiting the fantastic British Museum.

What can you say? There aren’t words for this fantastic place. To see the Rosetta Stone in person?!! And the extensive collection of Egyptian artifacts is unmatched probably anywhere in the world. Yes, Chris is doing his usual “dude” posturing in all the photos, but the first question he asked upon walking into the halls was: “isn’t collecting all this stuff disturbing the graves?” Uh, yes, and if you think about it now, that is quite controversial… (Would it be PC today to remove one of the Rapa Nui heads for example, bringing it from its place of origin to another country? You can’t really imagine doing so!) No matter, a question for another day. Today’s experience was breathtaking. And again, I am so tired I can barely write a cohesive sentence, so excuse my bland posts. Three albums of photos:

British Museum.album 1 4/23/08 11:34 PM
British Museum 2. 4/23/08 11:41 PM
British Museum.3 4/23/08 11:50 PM

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