Posted by: krisinhawaii | April 24, 2008

London odds and ends.

We thought we’d try to get over to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace this morning at 11:30,..but rush as we did, we get there and all we see was a crowd of tourists waiting around the Palace for something to happen…and it never did. I suppose changing of the guard is subject to change. In any event, Chris and I decided to move on, jumping off at Westminster where we saw the massive teachers’ strike. At least 10,000 teachers were marching around Parliment. Quite an amazing sight! We also checked out Big Ben and Westminster Abbey…but did not go inside due to an entrance fee. Moving on, we had a taste for sushi and saw a place at Embankment selling sushi. Little did we realize it would be raining and there was no place to sit under any sort of shelter and eat it. Chris & I will always remember eating our sushi on a London park bench, under an umbrella in the freezing cold rain (left the house when it was sunny, so didn’t bring coats!). Back to Ennismore Mews for some tea, then off to the Natural History Museum where there were plenty of kids off school… and what seems like the case all over…FRENCH tourists…Quite honestly, I am not all that impressed with this museum. Aside from the dinosaurs, it was fairly basic. Some of the exhibits were somewhat dated, and Chris spent far too much time in the kiddie interactive room. Isn’t he getting too old for buttons and noises? By the time he was done, the museum was closing and we missed the Darwin section as well as the earth science section. All of our power-sightseeing is finally catching up with us and almost every night we stay up too late on the computer, Chris goofing around and me catching up with work or uploading photos for the blog. I know I am VERY exhausted and I am sure Chris is as well, so this evening we planned to stay home and eat at home…eating out is very expensive. The sushi was £8.00 (over $16)… and why spend money when we have food here that needs to be eaten!?

Anyway, once again I have extensive photos to tell the story…

Teachers, Westminster & Nat. History 4/24/08 7:17 PM


  1. If my teachers looked like that, I’d never stay out of skool!

  2. That sounds about right for sushi in my parts. Not cheap!

    Glad you are taking a bit of a breather tonight. Be good for both of you. You have been so busy! Loving the pics and blog. Admirable of you to be able to keep it up!

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