Posted by: krisinhawaii | April 25, 2008

Carnaby Street, Oxford Circus & Regent Street.

FRIDAY, APRIl 25–Well, our trip out to Bath today was a no go. Why? …. a.) because our discount National Rail card only works on the Southeast train system, and b) you have to book two hours in advance and c.) Because we couldn’t get our over-tired booties out of bed in time, and it was almost 11AM before I got working on the plan so it was too late and we had to abort. So instead, we headed out to Hyde Park… then took the Tube to Oxford Circus, and from there walked through Carnaby Street (world famous in the 1960s as the center of London’s fashion scene) with its interesting pubs, funky boutiques and cobblestone alleyways. Regent Street, which borders it, is busy and bustling.

About mid-day, Chris threw a bit of a tantrum so I’d be persuaded to buy him a bag of the choose-your-own candy they have here… (in his defense, he has been a real trooper this whole trip, and has walked miles and miles without complaining, so he’s entitled to whine a little bit, right?) and we came to a compromise…I’d go back and get him the candy if he’d come into this fabulous pub (left) with me and have a coke while I had a pint. As it turned out, I didn’t have enough change to buy him the candy (what “CHANGE?” It came to £2.74…almost $6.00USD!!! For a little bag of candy??!!!) so I used his money… and then the minute we walked in the pub they threw us out (even tho’ they were serving food, they told me children weren’t allowed until 5:00PM, and it was only 4:00!)… so we decided to hit the Tube and I let him plan out his own route… and he takes us all the way up to Canary Wharf on a joyride, (and because he said he wanted to give me the chance  to get another gander at all those great looking guys walking around the financial district)… but we forgot it was getting to be 5PM on a Friday…yes, being the Kona country mice that we are, we forgot there is such a thing as a rush-hour commute… and we were caught in the worst of it, changing lines three or four  times to get back to Piccadilly… Chris was scrunched in a little ball, crouching down on the floor almost the whole way home on every change of train. I would have taken a picture, had I had the room to get the camera out of my bag, but I was equally as scrunched up. Whew, glad to get off the train and get out into the fresh air again!

Is a trip to London complete without taking in a West End show? No! So we’re going to see Phantom of the Opera tomorrow. We hope… now, the above is not as posh and fancy as it sounds, because a.) we’re going to a matinee, and b.) you can get cheap tickets (£10) on the day of the show from the half price ticket place and if we can’t get into that one, we’ll take whatever we can get… Our last day is tomorrow… our trip is winding down!

Below is the album of photos from today… I know my mom and Amy are probably the only two to look through the entire album. But if you are brave and want to look through them, set it on “Slideshow” so you can see them bigger. Good thing I have my camera because I can’t seem to write a cohesive sentence anymore. Hopefully it’s just temporary dementia, because next week I have to go back to writing for a living!

Carnaby Street, Canary Wharf.etc. 4/25/08 10:38 PM


  1. Loving the shots Kris and ‘my’ trip to London. Can’t believe you will soon be going home!

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