Posted by: krisinhawaii | May 1, 2008

All good, fun things must come to an end….

We’re back in Hawaii, and after a few days adjusting to that foggy jet-lagginess (that tended to come on worse at night with both of us for some reason) it’s back to business as usual. Chris has missed two weeks of school and now comes the really hard part of trying to help him catch up. For those regular readers of my blog, that stream-of-consciousness babble known as wireless lanai you may return now. (It’s a blog I started for my last trip to Europe in 2005 and continuing daily with a tedious play-by-play of my so-called life. (uninvited souls will find it locked… Email me or comment if you want permission to read… had to lock it so that I wouldn’t embarrass myself in front of clients or attract stalkers, which did happen when it was open). Glad to leave this rubbish WordPress behind… it really stinks as a blog hosting site. I tried to upload our movies, but the format wasn’t acceptable, and I’ve been too lazy to put them on YouTube.

It’s a very long trip to England and back. You can factor in two full days of travel time, both coming and going. I must say, however, Chris was a trooper and most of the time steeped up to the plate when I needed him to. This means he pulled his luggage without complaining, up and down stairs and escalators to the Underground. Even when we arrived at Heathrow after no sleep for 24 hours plus…and had to get on our direct Piccadilly line to Central London, he did his share pulling his own suitcase… and helped me when it was time to JUMP on the train quickly with said heavy luggage. He also walked and walked and walked and walked with me and my friends without complaining (well hardly)… all around London. Despite the easy access and cheap fares on the Tube, and buses you still have to walk ALOT… and it is a little deceptive HOW far underground you are going to get on the trains. (lots of stairs but they wind around so you don’t realize how many stairs you are taking). I don’t know the depth at which the Tube trains operate, but I do know it’s very very far underground. While Chris had a few squirrely moments and sometimes got embarrassingly silly or obnoxious, for the most part, he was really really great and rose to the occasion. Bravo Dude!!!


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