Posted by: krisinhawaii | May 14, 2008

So many shows…so little time.

OK–I spent today working HARD trying to catch up (and did) but also off and on filled with MAJOR regret that I didn’t do more and see more when in London last month. Especially when it came to the West End shows. I know it is pointless to fret….but really…these are the real thoughts that went through my mind today! When I think of it I realize how little time we had and how much there was to do.. you just cannot do it all. Yo Londoners who happen to be reading… go, take the Tube to Leicseter Square, and go to any half-price ticket booth to take advantage of seeing those great shows for cheap, its soooo worth it!! You are so lucky!

Had I known the treat I was in for, I think if I had to do again, would have gone to see at least three other West End shows… It wasn’t that expensive, it was very reasonable to see a first rate show as long as you took your chances on same day tickets…you could get them for half price. you really could… all the major shows playing too in the most fantastical theatrical venues you can imagine… Oh the REGRET now that I am sitting here in Hawaii looking at my piles of laundry and long list of things to do!!!! 😉 The Lion King, Les Miz, Wicked, Cabaret!! What I missed—-The regret!!!!!!!!! Someone wrote in on a Phantom blog that seeing the show on the London stage where it debuted was alone worth the price of airfare to London, and I agree!!!! I’d see Phantom again too! Sob, I’m miserable about not doing all I could do… AND not paying a little more for better seats, but I had no idea it was going to be so awesome!

I don’t care if Ian hates the Phantom and ALW, (he says musicals are over-rated and are the “devil’s spawn,” and especially detests Andrew Lloyd Webber) I loved, loved, loved the whole experience and realize now I could have done more in the way of seeing shows— they were all there for the taking!!… I know, I know…I had a 12-year-old boy with me and I could only do so much, right? But he was great at Phantom and loved it. Chris said today he would have gladly gone to more shows with me. Especially Lion King. Should I make another trip to London alone and just spend all the time there seeing shows??? Should I??? Maybe in the win ter next year… There’s also the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden… there wasn’t really much going on while I was there and I had Chris or I would have gone. At least we got to see Carlos sing on the Underground.

Look at this piece about Phantom.. it says there has never been a seat unsold in 8000 performances!!! :

The Phantom of the Opera opened at Her Majesty’s Theatre on 9 October 1986 withMichael Crawford and Sarah Brightman in the leading roles and there have been sixteen productions worldwide since then.

The Phantom of the Opera is the jewel in the crown of the Really Useful Group’s copyrights. In London there has never been a seat unsold, and the musical has achieved in excess of 99% of potential capacity wherever it has been presented. It has been seen in 119 cities in 24 countries and played to over 80 million people. The box office gross world-wide stands at over £1.7billion – the box office revenues are higher than any film or stage play in history, including “Titanic”, “ET” and “Star Wars” Awards include the Laurence Olivier and Evening Standard Award for Best Musical and seven Tony Awards.



  1. Have to agree The Phantom of the Opera is the best show in london still, if you get to go to another show then make it the The Phantom of the Opera!

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