Posted by: krisinhawaii | May 20, 2008

Remembering Covent Garden…

Because I want Chris to know a little bit more about the places we visited, such as Covent Garden, I’m now googling more about these places, cutting and pasting and posting them here. (Excuse the LONG history posts… but I just wantto have reminders and background). Of course Chris will probably best remember Covent Garden because of the candy cart. He talked the guy into giving him free samples of everything before he bought: “Excuse me mister, I don’t know what this one tastes like,” was how he worded it. “Oh well young man, go right ahead and try one.” When we came back two days later, Chris used the same trick on him, and he had caught on by then and said, “Hey weren’t you guys here the other day?” This photo caught Chris pandering for samples.

And Chris will also no doubt remember the Tube station there which was a hassle (you had to either take the lift or climb 193 stairs). Later we read that that station is notoriously haunted. Covent Garden flea market was where I found Kyle’s wind-up pocket watch, a silver antique cream pitcher and one of my best finds — a slim red leather belt cut to order for £3.99! It’s a very interesting place, and as I told Chris, has been a marketplace in one form or another for longer than the U.S. has been a nation!

As for the candy purchased from this candy cart, I readily admit I got into Chris’s bag of candy and ate almost all the white chocolate wafers with the multi-color sprinkles. So delicious I had to go back later and buy my own bag. (Gaaah… to add to the weight I gained while in England!!) Covent Garden is also the home of the world famous Royal Opera House. I think the main entrance fronts another street…because the back entrance is located right next to the Roxy/Quicksilver surf shop and Build-a-Bear! You can never escape the chains, can you?

Will also post some more quick videos….just now getting around to uploading them…


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